About Us

Welcome to Primary Care Consultants, P.C. It is our mission to provide our patients with personal, friendly, convenient and medically sound health care advice in an increasingly overwhelmed primary healthcare system.

There are many excellent primary care physicians available in "the system." It is our opinion that it really comes down to the old "time and money" line. To maintain an anticipated income with declining fees primary care physicians are trying to see more and more patients per day. This scenario has a constant negative "pressure" to health care satisfaction for everyone, patient and doctor alike.

At Primary Care Consultants our answer to this issue is simple. We will avoid this "negative pressure" by not playing the insurance game. We will provide a fee for service schedule that covers our anticipated needs, allowing plenty of time to be with the patient, not the paperwork, and gives our clients flexibility to choose a payment option that best suits their style. We will limit our number of patients to avoid the "overbooked" scenario so common in primary care medicine.

In a "nutshell" for $500 per year you receive an annual comprehensive exam and begin a partnership towards a long term therapeutic relationship with a caring Board Certified Family Physician.

More questions? What about sick visits? What will my insurance cover? Please click the "FAQ" on the left side of this page.

Please read through this website and call 804-282-3495 to schedule a brief, free 10 minute "meet the doctor" visit at our office: Libbie Medical Center, Suite A1, 5700 Old Richmond Ave, Richmond, Va. 23226.

We look forward to meeting you!


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